• Ambre Saint-Clare is a professional dancer and a native of Paris, France.  
  • She comes from a history of classical dance training, beginning pointes at age 7.
  • Later she discovered the world of belly dancing, circus, and music hall, which allowed her to develop a strong presence on stage and a unique energy. 
  • At age 18, Ambre got her professional dancer’s stripes and became a real showgirl. 
  • As a world traveler, she works for many companies and often offers artistic shows for events.  
  • Her dedication and enthusiasm encourage her to always go further in her art.
  • In 2010, when she was on a trip in the Caribbean, she discovered diving and the “flipper”. 
  • Captivated by the mermaid world since her childhood, she wants to set up a new show with a unique visual touch which will inspire the imagination of the audience.
  • Her studies in art history and her spontaneous curiosity feed her creativity and her artistic culture.
  • Additionally, Ambre has done some photoshoots for different photographers where she was able to apply her artistic concepts. 
  • Natalia F. Romanova 
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