Mermaid Performer Concept

  • No human can resist the mysterious song and call of the mermaid…
  • Half woman, half goddess, mythical character, timeless and universal, she charms and appeals since the dawn of time. Today, this bewitchment can be yours thanks to a unique concept, of creativity and originality.
  • The French dancer, Ambre Saint-Clare glides in her gorgeous suit, created in luminous shade and encrusted with Swarovski diamonds, custom made by a special effects professionnal.
  • Presented in the form of a show which can be in several themes, Mermaid Performer adapts herself to any locations or events: night-clubs with a pool or aquarium, pool party, beach party, water park, hotels and luxury complex, private or commercial events, festivals…
  • Transform your parties with an unforgettable show thanks to the aquatic magic given by the Mermaid Performer.
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